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Below are the Yamaha instruments that I have owned through the years.  At the time, they were the most modern and unique organs available.  Not only for the sounds that they produced, but also for the professional and futuristic looks they had.  The Yamaha stage models all came with external speakers.  I remember playing at home and knocking my mom's pictures off the walls.

Thanks to my good friend Larry, I still have the oppurtunity to play each and every one of these instruments as he currently owns the EX-42 and my former FX-1.  I currently own the HX-1 and the ELX-1. 



The Yamaha EX-42 was my first stage model in the 70's.



Yamaha EX-42

The Yamaha FX-1 was bought brand new in the 80's.  I still believe it is the best looking stage model that Yamaha ever made.

Yamaha FX-1

The Yamaha HX-1 was bought in the 90's.  I actually owned 2 of them. One was used for performances and the other stayed at home to arrange new music. I still currently own one as it is still used for pratice.

Yamaha HX-1